Sharing Values to Create Value

For the Ferrero Group, the term corporate social responsibility has always stood for caring for people and for the local area, namely employees and former employees, consumers, families and the local communities in which it operates. These principles of social responsibility guided Ferrero's first steps in Alba and remain unchanged to this day.

The Ferrero Group’s approach to sustainability is currently based on the company’s social responsibility strategy: “Sharing values to create value”.

For Ferrero, the creation of shared value is a practice that affects all stages of the supply chain: it goes from caring for the people who have made and continue to make the history of the Group, the support of local communities, the promotion of active lifestyles among youths and their families, all the way to its strong commitment to sustainable farming practices and safeguarding and protecting the environment.

Our corporate social responsibility strategy is currently divided into two main subject areas: People and the Planet.


At Ferrero, customer focus isn't just a value, it's something we put into practice every day, based on a sense of responsibility that goes beyond commercial goals. This responsibility is made into reality through Ferrero's nutritional strategy, ongoing innovation, the quality and freshness of its products, food safety and responsible and transparent communication. In addition, Ferrero shows a constant interest in the lives of its current employees and former employees and people living in the communities in which it operates. This commitment is also demonstrated through the activities of the Ferrero Foundation and the Michele Ferrero Entrepreneurial Project, active in Africa and Asia. The Group also continues its commitment to the promotion of active lifestyles by addressing young people and their families through the global Kinder Joy of Moving program.


Monitoring and improving the impact of its activities throughout the entire supply chain is a priority for the Ferrero Group, which it addresses by ensuring that its main raw materials are responsibly sourced. In addition, the Group is committed to production that respects the environment, by making use of the best technologies available, ensuring that the use of energy, materials and natural resources is efficient and by consuming water resources responsibly and reasonably. Acknowledging this responsibility, Ferrero is strongly committed to minimizing its environmental impact, from raw materials to production plants and logistics, along the entire value chain.