With the solid foundation of our past, this Code of Ethics reaffirms that our decisions and our actions are based on our values.

With this Code of Ethics our goal is to reduce any uncertainties with regards to behaviour, but also to give everyone who works with our Company an understanding of our underlying values.

Today, like never before, it is essential to confirm our ethical vision and to state clearly our principles, values and responsibilities. These principles guide our conduct in relationships with the market, in particular the consumer, the communities where we work, the people who work with us and with every stakeholder involved in the Company.


 It is only with our combined efforts and involvement that we can create a solid future. It is necessary that we all work together and continuously challenge each other and ourselves in our work.
Because all associates who invest their time, skills, and ideas deserve recognition for their work and for whom today we reaffirm the principles and values that have until now guaranteed our success.

We cannot forget that a Group like ours, which has undergone extraordinary expansion on a world level, requires delicate internal balance between the contradictions that can arise from this growth: freedom vs. rules, creativity vs. responsibility, and individual initiative vs. collective protection.

In this context, this Code of Ethics represents an opportunity not only to formalize well-established excellence but also to create a guide, a “compass” that steers the complexities in our future conduct both internally and externally.


The Ferrero Integrity Helpline is for reporting issues in relation to our Code of Ethics and/or our Code of Business Conduct confidentially. It is open 24-hours-a-day, 365-days-a-year and can be accessed in 43 languages. The Ferrero Integrity Helpline is managed by a third-party, Convercent. Once a report has been submitted to Convercent, it is immediately made available to a Ferrero Steering Committee for review.
Click here to connect to the Ferrero Integrity Helpline in order to ask a question, report an incident or find a local telephone number.