Ferrero USA Announces 2022 Easter Offerings

Ferrero USA Announces 2022 Easter Offerings

New items include delicious confections from Kinder Joy®, Ferrero Rocher®, Fannie May® and more

April 8, 2022

With Easter a hop around the corner, Ferrero is announcing seasonal products from its range of brands. From fun Easter treats to elegant Easter gifts perfect for the holiday host, there’s something for everyone to enjoy from Ferrero’s lineup of new products and familiar favorites.

Fun Easter Treats:
• The iconic Kinder Joy® Egg is a must have for Easter egg hunts. In addition to being sold in singles, the eggs are available in a Kinder Joy 4 Pack, perfect for gifting, as well as a Kinder Joy 6 pack, which is great to use for egg hunts.
• The Kinder® Hollow Bunny is made from Kinder® smooth chocolate and has a creamy milky layer inside. Packaging is available in four colors: pink, blue, yellow, and green.
Kinder® Chocolate Figures add a playful touch to any Easter basket with this seasonal bag of individually wrapped smooth Kinder® chocolate pieces in springtime wrappers.
Kinder® Mini Hollow Figures features a festive display of six smooth and creamy Kinder® chocolate figures with a creamy milky layer inside, individually wrapped in fun springtime wrappers.
Kinder® Mini Eggs are individually wrapped Kinder® chocolate miniature eggs with a creamy milky filling that are great for Easter baskets or spring candy dishes.
• The Kinder Bueno® T4 Pack is all dressed up for Easter in springtime graphics, featuring four individually wrapped crispy, creamy Kinder Bueno® bars. This delicious item is the perfect gift to share with loved ones at Easter gatherings or springtime get-togethers.
• The Mini Nutella® Easter Jar, an adorable 1.05 oz. mini glass Nutella Jar available with light green and yellow lids, is sure to brighten any Easter basket.
Butterfinger® and CRUNCH® NestEggs each feature mini chocolate eggs wrapped in decorative spring foils that are perfect for Easter baskets or to display in a candy dish.
Assorted Chocolate Minis from Butterfinger®, CRUNCH® and Baby Ruth® feature miniature versions of these delicious chocolates in festive seasonal wrappers. Perfect for candy dishes or egg hunts.
• The CRUNCH® Bunny, featuring creamy milk chocolate with crisped rice, makes a great Easter basket centerpiece.
Tic Tac Fruit Adventure® Easter Pack features sweet cherry, tangy orange and juicy passion fruit flavors with seasonal Easter graphics.

Elegant Easter Gifts:
• The Ferrero Rocher® Bunny Gift Box features 13 fine Ferrero Rocher hazelnut chocolates and is the perfect centerpiece to display while hosting Easter guests.
• The Ferrero Rocher® Easter Gift Box features fine Ferrero Rocher hazelnut chocolates and is available in 5, 12, 16, and 24 pieces.
Grand Ferrero Rocher® is an indulgent offering that is a special gift to celebrate the moment. Available in milk chocolate or dark chocolate, each Grand Ferrero Rocher features a chocolate shell with hazelnut pieces.
• The Ferrero Collection® Bunny Gift Box is a 13-piece assortment of three premium confections: fine Ferrero Rocher hazelnut chocolates, Raffaello®, made with almonds and coconut, and Rondnoir®, a fine dark chocolate with a crisp wafer surrounding a creamy, chocolaty filling with a dark chocolate pearl at the center.
• The Ferrero Collection® Easter Gift Box is a 12-piece assortment of three premium confections: fine Ferrero Rocher® hazelnut chocolate, Raffaello®, and Rondnoir.
Fannie May® Mint Cookie Clusters is a brand-new innovation from Fannie May featuring delicious chocolate cookie bits blended with decadent mint chocolate for a refreshing and crunchy bite. Each piece is individually wrapped, making it the perfect airy treat to take on the go and indulge in this spring.
Fannie May® Spring Mint Meltaways® are all dressed up for the season, featuring green, pink, and yellow creamy pastel wrapped around a mint chocolate center.

Ferrero’s lineup of Easter products are currently available for purchase at varying in-store and ecommerce retailers nationwide.

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