Ferrero Launches Golden Gallery Signature In The U.S. Delivering Chocolate ...

Ferrero Launches Golden Gallery Signature In The U.S. Delivering Chocolate ...

November 18, 2019
Ferrero is today breaking into the competitive assorted boxed chocolates category with the U.S. launch of Golden Gallery Signature®, a premium assortment of finely designed chocolates specifically crafted to inspire sharing. Made with high-quality ingredients like soft buttery caramel, Piedmont hazelnuts and Arabica coffee beans, each praline within the Golden Gallery Signature box is intended to be a little chocolate work of art.

Ferrero USA is also unveiling a new TV commercial inspired by "Nighthawks," a powerful painting by American realist artist, Ed Hopper, that brings the brand to life by linking the artistry of the chocolates to this timeless and powerful work of art. The commercial taps into the pivotal role that Golden Gallery Signature plays in forging connections, by driving home the message that some experiences – such as observing art and enjoying Golden Gallery Signature chocolates – are more satisfying when shared.

"Ferrero has a long legacy in premium chocolate," said Alessandro Rapali, VP Marketing Premium Chocolate, North America. "As the number one praline brand in the world, Ferrero is uniquely poised to lead the market with the expansion into a whole new chocolate space, bringing multiple fine chocolate flavor varieties to one assorted box."

Additionally, Ferrero is celebrating the beautiful craftsmanship and artistry of its recipe formulation with an exclusive gathering in Chicago that brings the beauty, artistry and exceptional taste of Golden Gallery to life. Media and influencers will be treated to a beautiful journey, exploring the unique flavor notes of each individual chocolate in a guided tasting led by renowned chef, Ted Allen.

Setting out to offer a masterpiece in every single chocolate, Golden Gallery Signature features eight delicious assorted chocolate flavors spanning dark, milk and white chocolate. Uniquely named and inspired by the high-quality ingredients used to craft them, these little works of art include Dark Opera, Caramel Leonardo, Biancoretti, Hazelnut Duo, Coffee Maestria, Giandujot Ferrero, Milk Cupola and White Opera.

Golden Gallery Signature is available nationwide in counts of 24 or 12 pieces with an MSRP of $12.49 and $6.29 per box respectively. For more information on the Ferrero brand and where to find Golden Gallery Signature in stores, please visit You can also check out the Ferrero Rocher U.S. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for additional updates.