Tic Tac® Launches "Take a Ride on a Tic Tac" Campaign Bringing The Unique Experience of Eating a Tic Tac® to Life

Tic Tac® Launches

The new campaign taps into what Tic Tac is known for, bringing gentle freshness to life.

May 16, 2022

Today Tic Tac® announces a new multichannel campaign featuring creators and inviting them to bring a new spin on the refreshing possibilities Tic Tac can bring. "Take a Ride on Tic Tac,' created in collaboration with independent creative agency Translation, features artists, illustrators, and musicians, including Jawny, all bringing their creativity and energy to original works for two :15 and :06 spots, along with social content. The campaign debuts on TV, digital and social media channels this month.

“In the past, the Tic Tac brand has partnered with creators and artists, and we’re very excited to take that to the next level with this new campaign,” said Dan Cutchin, Vice President of Marketing at Ferrero North America. “The artists of the Take A Ride campaign have done an amazing job of expressing in music, videos, and illustrations the way a Tic Tac can create refreshing moments.”

Highlighting both the minty and fruity flavors of Tic Tac, the new campaign draws a parallel between consumers who are constantly in pursuit of new refreshing possibilities and the little uplift Tic Tac can bring into their everyday lives.

The 16-person lineup of creators aims to personify the experience of the Tic Tac experience - soothing, uplifting, and full of delight. Throughout the year, the campaign's look & feel will be extended in paid social channels showcasing the layers of a Tic Tac in key cultural moments.

As a new lead creative partner to Tic Tac, Translation will continue to partner with the brand to reach audiences both existing and future fans of the Tic Tac brand and tap into the creative hearts and minds of the next generation of artists and tastemakers.

"Millennials view a ‘refresh’ as a chance to start anew. They’re a generation that doesn’t stand still, always moving towards the next opportunity on their horizon while refreshing their styles, hobbies, and interests to become the truest version of themselves. We wanted to celebrate that and demonstrate how Tic Tac fits - literally - into their lives by building visual iconography around our little mints,” said Jason Campbell, Head of Creative at Translation.

The spots are also being adapted to French for the Canadian market.

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