Ferrero's 31 Days of Halloween Inspires Special Moments Throughout October

Ferrero's 31 Days of Halloween Inspires Special Moments Throughout October

September 10, 2020
Every day in October, Ferrero will inspire consumers to celebrate what they love most about Halloween: treats. The global company known for Nutella®, Tic Tac®, and Kinder Joy® is launching a campaign to help families celebrate Halloween, even if it feels a little different this year. Through influencer partners, digital advertising, and social media, Ferrero will share 31 days of creative ways to make the most of the season with Halloween favorites and go-to brands like Nutella, Kinder Joy, Kinder Bueno®, Tic Tac, Butterfinger®, CRUNCH®, Baby Ruth®, and Fannie May®.

“Halloween isn’t Halloween without treats, and our brands have been part of the holiday for generations,” said Mark Wakefield, Senior Vice President Marketing, Nutella and Chocolate Snacks at Ferrero North America. “This year, we expect treats to play an even bigger role in the memorable moments of Halloween for families and friends as they enjoy the traditions and excitement of the holiday all month long.”

Throughout October Ferrero will share fun, creative Halloween ideas on Pinterest and through influencer partners. Shoppable pins for each brand will make it easy for fans to order exactly what they need.

Recent research from the National Confectioners Association (NCA) found that while Halloween will appear different from previous years, 90% of millennial moms and young parents can’t imagine a Halloween without chocolate and candy. 74% of millennial moms and young parents say that Halloween is more important than ever this year. Families can find ideas on how to enjoy Halloween and adhere to social distancing guidelines on NCA’s Halloween Central website.

“Halloween is happening, even if it is different this year,” said Catherine Bertrac, Senior Vice President Marketing for Kinder North America. “Ferrero is committed to creating surprises and sparking joy this season. We want to make it easy for every family who loves Halloween to have fun and to be inspired by our brands.”

In addition to the ongoing stream of fun content, Ferrero wants to ensure all children can safely celebrate Halloween this year. Ferrero is again partnering with The Birthday Party Project, an organization that brings joy to children experiencing homelessness through the magic of birthdays in communities across the United States. Ferrero has a longstanding relationship with The Birthday Party Project, working with them to highlight the organization’s work and provide products for their celebrations. Ferrero will donate Halloween treats to The Birthday Party Project to make their October celebrations even more special.

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